Monday, April 30, 2007

being picky

Am I pathetic because of which blogs I read? I mean, I just discovered blogs recently, really... and I found one that was written by a very interesting person, and basically just trolled some of the blogs in her roll, and then one or two of theirs....... and just stopped there. So my view of blogspace is very very limited.

Granted, those that I do read (which are leenked over there----> ) are usually interesting enough to satisfy my (some would say "obsessive") voyeuristic tendencies, while at the same time inflaming them. Usually.

It's seems kinda twistedweird, though, to get some kinda jollies from people's sometimes "private" thoughts they don't share with their in-the-flesh acquaintances, as well as to leave pithy but well-meaning'd comments on what sometimes are very real issues.

Sooo..... I just kinda stop there. Just a lucky (or un-lucky) few that I paruse every day, just to see what's up. Another thing that's interesting is that some people care about those that read their blogs every day... and others just don't give a rat's ass.

It's those moments between the moments, when time stretches like a rubber band... that's where I glimpse something of something that's not really something... sometimes I sense others... I feel beyond the physical, almost into the mystical spiritual real realm..

Online relationships are strange. All of them, not just the romantic ones. Reading a blog is an online relationship - between the writer and the reader; and it sometimes goes both ways there too. Chatting, IM, IRC, email, phone text messaging... all mediums that carry the substance of the relationship. What makes these relationships unique is the "Axe Factor" - at any time, either party can take an axe to the lines of communication, un-equivocally terminating the relationship. I can stop reading your blog, and there's nothing you can do about it. I can take you off my IM list, and block your messages and emails, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Also, in online relationships some or all parties can be completely anonymous to each other. People can even pretend to be someone they're not.

These factors of this communication medium influences the content of the communications, or see her squirt as well. People say things to others online that they would never say in person. I read on someone's blog where they were admonishing the reader not to assume that they really are the person as they appear to be in their blog - the blog doesn't capture who they really are.

So.... having said all that.... I remind you, my few readers, that what I write here is what the title says - some stuff from a place in my head which is definately a part of me, but doesn't get shared with the squirting. And, while it does form a core part of who I am... it isn't who I am. Many other parts of me are bigger and more important....

but enough of that. Maybe this is just a stupid masturbatory excercise after all. But I'll keep going anyway... and not for any real reason at all, either